Scribe - Simplified Fetching and Management of EMR Data


  1. Create Postgres role bash sudo su postgres createuser -dlP medico # check config/database.yml for password
  2. Setup databases bash rails db:setup
  3. Install required libraries bash bundle install

EMR Services Supported

  1. CMS BlueButton (MediCare)
  2. EPIC / MyChart
  3. Cerner


Tests are based on the Rails default MiniTest and use extensively Mocha and WebMock. They can be run with

rails tests

Please refer to the Wiki about Testing in Rails for further details.


We use YARD to document our code.

Add documentation to all methods, especially non-obvious ones. If you read somebody else's code and it takes you even one minute to understand how it works, edit the method's documentation and/or add some notes in it so nobody else will have to waste that minute.